The Actual Veggies Benedict with Avocado Hollandaise


  • 2 Actual Green burgers
  • 1 Avocado
  • ¼ Cup vegan avocado mayonnaise
  • 1 Lemon juiced
  • 1 Cup sliced mushrooms
  • 2 Cups raw baby spinach
  • 2 Tsp. olive oil, divided
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Brioche burger buns toasted
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cayenne pepper (optional)

  • Follow the instructions on the package to prepare the Actual Green Burgers.
  • To make the hollandaise, combine the avocado, vegan mayonnaise, and lemon juice in a mixer and blend until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  • Sauté the mushrooms in olive oil in a hot skillet for several minutes until browned, add the spinach until wilted, set aside.
  • Toast the bottom half of the brioche buns, plate, and top with warm mushroom and spinach mixture.
  • In the same pan you used for the mushrooms and spinach, crack eggs into warm olive oil and cook until whites are set and look perfectly sunny side up - about 2-3 min.
  • Place the eggs on top of the mushroom & spinach mixture on the brioche, top with avocado hollandaise and cracked or cayenne pepper. Enjoy!
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