The Actual Pink Breakfast Burger - 12 Burgers

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Introducing: The Actual Pink Breakfast Burger

The Actual Pink Breakfast Burgers are packed with nutritious superfoods including pitaya, strawberry, cauliflower, banana, chickpea, pomegranate and more! It’s a delicious option that is oil free, contains no added sugar and a good source of protein and fiber to start your morning off right. All clean ingredients with no added junk. Gluten, soy & nut free!

How to cook: Cooks from frozen in under 10 minutes. Recommended cooking methods include, toaster oven, air fryer and stove. Cooks just like a burger!

Topping Ideas: Eat them on their own or top with nut butter, maple syrup, fresh fruit, granola, yogurt or make a sandwich with an english muffin.

Each order comes with 3 packs each containing 4 burgers, a total of 12 burgers!